Tell Me a Bedtime Story

9/13/21 - composed by Herbie Hancock, performed by Adam Czerepinski
rhodes bass drums flugelhorn

Herbie Hancock wrote Tell Me a Bedtime Story for the TV special "Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Fat Albert," which I've still never seen but would enjoy watching! I first heard this music when Warner brothers released the Mwandishi set in 1994, and I've been a huge fan ever since.

Gear used:

- Vintage Vibe 73 Deluxe electric piano

- Fodera Monarch P bass, recorded through an Aguilar Tonehammer 500 amp

- Gretsch Catalina Club drums and Zildjian K Sweet cymbals

- Yamaha YFH731 flugelhorn with a Monette FLG2 mouthpiece

- Microphones: Shure KSM141 (x2), Electro-Voice RE20, Shure SM57, AEA R84A

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