November 15

11/15/21 - composed by Kenny Garrett, performed by Adam Czerepinski
piano bass drums flugelhorn

Kenny Garrett's Songbook is one of my favorite albums of the 1990s. His playing is (as always) intense, yet melodic. The tunes are all very singable but not in a watered down way. Kenny Kirkland and Jeff Tain Watts - with Nat Reeves on this record or Eric Revis on Branford Marsalis's records - is one of the best rhythm sections of all time. I recorded this on 11/13/21 so I could edit it on the 14th and get it published on the correct date.

Gear used:

- Estonia 190 piano

- Fodera Monarch P bass, recorded through an Aguilar Tonehammer 500 amp

- Gretsch Catalina Club drums and Zildjian K Sweet cymbals

- Yamaha YFH731 flugelhorn with a Monette FLG2 mouthpiece

- Microphones: Shure KSM141 (x2), Electro-Voice RE20, Shure SM57, AEA R84A

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